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Although she was recommended by Nangong Yi, she is famous for her talent, but what she knows is that Jun Chen won’t trust a person so easily and he seems eager.

He urgently needs a new force that can rise in the DPRK to break the current deadlock. Although she heard Qin Muyu talk about the situation in the DPRK in her spare time, he told her to have a good rest and not to worry too much about external affairs.
And she surmised that Jun Chen’s eagerness was due to the fact that the current situation was not good, and he was assassinated three transgressions and four times when he went out of the palace. The Fourth Sovereign Party was so eager to kill Jun Chen unless he was sure that he could control the situation at the court, so …
Unless they completely mastered lam!
Lin Yu’s fists clenched unconsciously, and the lam regiment handed over to her by his great-grandfather was turned against himself by Mu Ninglang and Ruo Taifei Li!
The assassination before she jumped off the cliff reminded her of her amber eyes …
Is called her Xin Yao elder sister simple Muninglang from behind.
When they grow up, they have their own positions, their own opinions and even their own forces will gradually drift away.
Can the situation really change so much?
Turn a quiet person into a wolf, tiger and leopard by hook or by crook? !
Lin Yu closes her eyes and she can’t consider so many friendship ties anymore!
She has been dead twice …
Reborn, she will cherish her life and get everything back!
Let the people who hurt her die!
However, she can’t act rashly yet. She needs to know clearly the trend and situation in the DPRK in recent years, so she wrote two letters to Nangong Yi and Qin Muyu, but they are exactly the same.
-the situation in the DPRK
Qing looked at Lin Yu repackaged two letters and sent them out with a smile. "Will you bother to ask Wang Wei if he will hide anything from you?" Why bother to ask a profiteer like this? "
Lin Yu knows that Cai Qing said Nangong Yi was a profiteer, not to belittle her. As we all know, small wealth is determined by inspection, big wealth is determined by heaven, and it is determined by wisdom!
It’s a matter of making money. It’s a matter of being strong to keep money and family.
Lin Yu doesn’t intend to say much with Cai Qing, but she doesn’t have to guard against Cai Qing for three years. She also knows that Cai Qing is very free and easy, and she doesn’t even care about this court matter, and she won’t be involved.
But if she wants to trouble Cai Qing to help her, she has to explain something, otherwise she will be too distrustful.
So she gave the letter to Cai Qing and analyzed it with her. "If I ask Muyu, he must tell me from his perspective that he is Wang Wei, who is heavily armed, but Mu Ninglang did not hide the emperor’s suspicion. Even if Jun Chen believed him again, he would not give him his back. But Nangong Yi is different. He Jun Chen is not only a cousin, but also a businessman with a balance of interests. As soon as Jun Chen and his descendants sit on the throne, their Nangong family will flourish. If this country changes hands, their Nangong family will also be implicated. He must see everything, and the interests of Jun Chen are different. I want
Pick qing after hearing a headache gave a blunt Lin Yudao "line line too lazy to ignore you these curved is trouble! I’ll send you a letter at night. You’d better rest. "
Lin Yu nodded, thinking of resting, she touched her face again. As soon as she turned around, she saw her face in the mirror, which was not half the same as before, and no one recognized that the only constant was the point between the eyebrows, Zhu Shazhi …
When Cai Qing saw that she was still studying her face and she was very dissatisfied with her craftsmanship, she asked, "What, you don’t like this face?"
Today, she knows that Lin Yu’s face was seen by Jun Chen and others, but she didn’t show any trace. She is also very happy that her skills are getting more and more perfect, but it seems that Lin Yu, the party concerned …
"I like to restore a normal face, but I don’t like it." Lin Yu said that she likes her face but shows a lonely look.
She is already a strange face, and even she can’t adapt to looking in the mirror at first. She remembers that her face was burned by fire, and she can’t help but hate it.
After Lin Yu left, Mu Junze stayed in Jun Chen’s room. He discussed it carefully. He was very worried. "Brother, you gave Lin Yu your hairpin. Is he really credible?"
Even if Lin Yuru is as knowledgeable as he said, they still don’t know Lin Yu’s hairpin. Lin Yu may not know the meaning, but he knows that it represents his brother’s belief that he wants to attach importance to Lin Yu!
Jun Chen’s injury caused him to cough with the palm of his hand stroking his chest for two times. "Lin Yu is a clever man who looks at playing cards without common sense and has the support of the Nangong family behind him. Let’s believe that he can’t be wrong and ahem … ahem! We don’t have much choice now. "
Jun Chen said that in the end, he tried his best to help him lie down, and his eyes were full of dignity. Jun Chen’s health has been getting worse and worse in the past three years because of …
If they are so, if the toffee and Mu Ninglang are in full swing, Jun Chen will be overwhelmed. Lin has a great opinion about the royal family because of Xin Yao’s death. If they don’t put out Mu Ninglang, they may be in turmoil at any time.
But Mu Junze felt that this was really unusual. At this point, Jun Chen believed Lin Yu so easily, even if there was a Nangong family behind him, but he had problems …
Always Mu Junze thinks that this time his brother’s bet is too big.
"Don’t worry about it’s not too late to make a final conclusion after spring." Jun Chen knows Mu Junze’s idea lightly.
Mu Junze thought it was still too early. Even now, his brother believed Lin Yuchun’s fate, and it was good to observe him. Once he made a mistake, they would come to deploy this spring, and there was still one person in his hand.
Anya is not stupid. Knowing that Jun Chen was angry with her, she went to decoct the medicine again and came to Jun Chen’s room. Jun Chen saw that her delicate cheeks were tears and remembered Xin Yao’s consciousness, so she thought of Xin Yao pouting and hugging her thighs at him.
He finally didn’t blame Anya again. She waited on the medicine and suddenly caught a glimpse that her hands were red and swollen blisters. He held her hand and frowned and asked, "What’s going on? Chapter 14 Lin Yu, are you so like me?"
Anya bowed her head and pursed her mouth to cry, and her face turned pale, with a hint of blush and shame. "Male and female servants are clumsy and want to see if the medicine is ready, but they accidentally nearly knocked over the medicine jar. Afraid that the injury would be worse without the medicine, they quickly reached out to pick it up … spilled some medicine and some hands."
"How so careless!" Jun Chen held her hand and blurted out, but her tone was full of love.
When he saw Anya ashamed to hug her in his arms to comfort her status, he had done such a thing as boiling medicine. Now that he has hurt his hand like this, he feels sorry for her and caresses her hand lightly. "Don’t hurt yourself again if you don’t drink medicine. I won’t be fine, you know? !”
His stern tone was full of Huai Anya, who almost made him feel so bad that he was drunk. No matter how painful it was, it was nothing to get him to say that she felt enough.
And she just took this opportunity to expose her own Lin Yu quarrel to let Jun Chen forget that she still loves her like Lin Xin Yao.
At night, Jun Chen hugged Anya to sleep, but his mind was full of mixed pictures. He opened his eyes and looked at Anya’s face with childish tenderness. When he fell asleep, his lips were still slightly cute and playful. Her every move was so like his Xin Yao, who lost her memory and relied on him.
Close your eyes. Jun Chen read the name of Xin Yao, but suddenly he jumped out of Lin Yu’s face. His eyebrows Zhu Shazhi and Xin Yao are exactly the same, but he is a man …


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