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Let her look ahead of them
He has a phantom cloak, hiding both of them in a collapsed tent, half of which is barely supported by cloth. The purple light looms behind the tent and in front of it, which makes it possible to see the scenery here.
On the other side of the tent, I saw a black-robed woman praying and singing devoutly in front of a purple array, which was guiding the purple array to seep from the inside perpendicular to the ground. Black gas and bloody smell floated out from the inside, accompanied by wisps of silvery soul-like things near the array being absorbed into the array as if it were a sacrifice, giving it energy.
"This woman!" Li Qianru scared to call out to cover your mouth and look at Wu Xiaojian in amazement.
Wu Xiaojian nodded to her and admitted that she remembered correctly.
Appeared in front of their eyes, this woman and his bump into each other at that time belong to the phantom of the opera, and they are doing things exactly the same, calling the fiend’ magic star’, which is the culprit.
"What is she calling here?" Li Qianru is more nervous about this.
"Maybe because we live nearby?"
Wu Xiaojian made a small joke and said a possibility.
However, it feels that this woman is deliberately targeting them, rather than saying that this may be a place sealed in or suitable for establishing such a circle.
"Stop her quickly!"
Li Qianru feels that it is absolutely right to stop her anyway. It is not a pleasant and reassuring thing to see such a big call array near where they live, but they have personally experienced the terrible situation near Guomao.
"Wait and see what she’s going to do."
Wu Xiaojian immediately stopped Li Qianru from feeling that this was an opportunity to clearly see what they were going to do. Once he destroyed their summoning line, he felt a little regretful, and he never understood what kind of process they were. Now it is a rare opportunity to destroy it. It is better to wait for her to succeed and get more information to prevent it. For example, now that they know that they want to stimulate such a circle, they need a lot of energy to activate it, and they can infer where an activated place will be.
"Do you want us to die? !”
Li Qianru felt that he was joking about their lives.
Wu Xiaojian simply kissed her lips and reached into her clothes to fix her body and stare at the circle. Now he doesn’t want her to be so excited that they can feel that the circle here is much smaller and weaker than the one in the third hospital. He should control it.
"well! Hey! " Li Qianru struggled in his hand with shame and her eyes glared at him.
Wu Xiaojian gave her an apology and his eyes told her to be quiet for a while. He wouldn’t hurt her.
Li Qianru may have seen the sincerity in his eyes, and his body slowly softened and warmed up. He struggled into a slight twist and took the initiative to cater to Wu Xiaojian. He felt that she couldn’t tell the time, but now he dared to let go and definitely ate her a slap in the face. I felt that Li Qianru was also holding back too much. This is not the right place. He must satisfy her well.
Yu Guang has been afraid to move away from the black-robed woman. She has reached the end, and she has seen her hat hooked up and her red lips found that she is the same as the black-robed woman. Just from the Pakistani part, we can see that they are all first-class and beautiful women. What is their purpose? To do this kind of liberation fiend thing, shouldn’t it be suspension spring, the bottom of society? It seems that he is very willing to release Chiyou in exchange for his strength.
"Whoo!" Li Qianru suddenly opened his eyes wide, but his pupils were scattered, and his body was stiff and slightly shaking in his hands.
Wu Xiaojian in distress situation feels whether she is so sensitive or not …
It doesn’t feel like he just blocked her mouth, so that the woman in black outside must hear and not see him release her. She immediately can’t make any effort to turn her back on him, put her pillow on his shoulder and smile coquetry, which can make a man’s blood run away.
However, at the end of the outer circle, a purple light and a black dog were released from the circle a little bit.
Starting (8
Chapter 18 See also the woman in black robe (4th watch) [Chapter Word Number 7 was updated at 13115 13:6:1]
"Bad guy" Li Qianru’s breath is like a orchid, whispering in his ear will blow him to crisp.
Wu Xiaojian was in distress situation, not light or heavy, but also took out a handful in her arms and said "ready to start work" in a slightly serious tone.
I know I’ve seen it almost, and I see that they’re still a little late. When they get here, it’s the last stage of summoning. If I really sit back and let this woman release this weird big black dog from the circle, they’ll have a good time.
Li Qianru is also ready, not just Wu Xiaojian. She has asked for it.
"I’m in charge of women, and you’re in charge of the circle."
Through the battle interface, it has been seen that the array is in HP, that is, it can be smashed and destroyed. I believe that Li Qianru, a high-speed soldier, must be very good at this kind of thing.
Li Qianru’s voice fell in unison and rushed out from the body.
Li Qianru went straight to the position of the circle, and the target really attacked this HP display with 3 purple summoning circles.
Wu Xiaojian’s hand has condensed out a frost long knife, and the pupil has become a white pupil and entered the state of tongtian magic eye.
The appearance of two people immediately shocked the mysterious woman who summoned the monster and exclaimed that she would immediately turn on a similar stone-sending effect like that one.
"Want to run? !”
Wu Xiaojian can’t make the same mistake in the same thing … except Li Qianru here.
Seeing that she was about to start the speed up again, the frost long knife in her head was also thrown out by him to puncture the female position one step ahead.
The black-robed woman’s body must not dare to stay still and be forced to dodge him. She threw a long frost knife in the past and covered her face with a black hat. She threw an object similar to a Grenade back and ran quickly into the darkness of the waterway.
Suddenly, the white light is burning, and it is white here. After so long, the darkness is suddenly illuminated by such intense sunlight, and it is likely to be blind on the spot.
"Flash bomb?" Wu Xiaojian flashed the idea that someone had found the arsenal and got the flash bomb that civilians could not get.
It’s a pity that the other party must not know that his eyes are similar to those of Tongtian magic eye, and this strong light will not be significantly affected. I feel that the picture in the field of vision suddenly brightened up and the visibility increased for a moment.


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