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"There are quite a few small things! So what do you say? My horse will drag you away! " The leader immediately reached out and grabbed Haikui’s hand rope and tied it to the stirrup. "Don’t blame me if I die soon!"

Hai kui leng said, "you just want me to die, but you don’t get a reward!" "
Chapter 3 Revenge ten years ago
The leading man asked thoughtfully, "What about your novel? You are a prisoner now!"
"I’ll take a horse myself and you’ll make do!" Haikui gave him a light look.
It may be because he has been in a state of feeling awesome for a long time. Even now he has lost his mana, Haikui still shows that Leng Yan is arrogant and huge
The big fellow pondered, "OK, I’ll agree to this request if you can exchange gold for the old man!" "
The big fellow threw the reins to Haikui.
Haikui’s hands were tied, but his feet were not. He turned over and the horse lost its magic, so it couldn’t even move.
The big fellow pointed to a strong man, "Xiao Wu, you ride with me."
Xiao Wu said weakly, "Boss, I’d better sit in a horse with Si. I’m afraid we’ll crush the horse!" "
"Fuck you!" The leading man whipped his leg at the strong man.
"Drive!" Haikui gently shook the reins and his legs caught the horse’s belly.
The horse jumped up and down.
"Come on, don’t let Kim get away!" The leading man exclaimed that the rest of them got off their horses and chased Haikui.
The leading man was a step behind and didn’t sit on the horse. He ran and shouted, "Mom, come on, stop!" "
Soon, in his eyes, the others became smaller and smaller and disappeared.
Haikui took the lead and ran very fast. He swished down and clung to the back of the horse, but now he feels sick and wants to throw up. He hasn’t ridden a horse much, and Ma Dianer will throw up after eating for a long time.
There’s no way to stabilize yourself without Zhenyuan.
Behind him, four strong men galloped after one person and shouted, "You are a good pony. You run very fast!"
Haikui wants the horse to slow down, but now he is afraid that he will spit it out with his mouth open. If he can’t speak, he will hold the horse’s neck tightly with both hands, for fear that he will be thrown to the ground by the horse if it is a little loose.
They passed quickly, and after about half an hour, Haikui saw a road in the distance that looked quite wide and there were people riding horses.
"When you get to the official road, the horse will get to you. Slow down!" A strong man shouted behind him
It turned out to be the official road, which was also called the road in ancient times, but Haikui couldn’t stop.
He turned a corner on the fast horse and went in one direction.
A few people behind him said, "Hey, this little way to know!"
Where does Haikui know the way? It’s Ma Shitu
Haikui blushed, his neck was thick, and his eyes glanced at the front. It seemed to be a small town and bluestone brick. The height was not high, not as high as ten meters, about two or three meters, with a flag in it. Qingfeng County!
The trotters slowly slowed down to the entrance of Qingfeng County and actually stopped.
Haikui took a big breath and felt sick, but he didn’t spit it out. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and swallowed it back. He quickly turned over and staggered and took two steps. He stretched out his hand and pressed it on the county gate slowly.
The four strong men behind them all rolled over, and then one found that the boss was not there and asked, "Where’s Brother Yi?"
"Isn’t Brother Xiaowu riding a horse with you?"
"No, I told him I would ride with Si!"
Siyi looked confused. "I didn’t know I took one myself!"
"Brother Cao didn’t follow!" Several people react immediately.
"You two pick up the big brother and we’ll take this little one home!"
The four big men discussed and divided into two ways.
Haikui was dragged to the mansion they said.
This is a very ordinary county town, with no special features. There are leaves and sand on the streets, but it is not obvious that there is some depression. The boss of the stall selling things is shouting loudly.
To sum up, this looks like a small county that was not very rich at that time.
Haikui finally felt uncomfortable when he was in the horse for a long time. He looked around the county and asked, "Where is this? Who are you?"? What are you taking me for? "
"What’s wrong with your brain? This is Qingfeng county, you don’t know? You don’t know who we are? Do what? You don’t know? " A strong man looked at Haikui like a fool and said
"I really don’t know!" Haikui shook his head and said
"Don’t play dumb with me. You’ll know when you get there!" The strong man behind him pushed Haikui to speed up his steps.
They took Haikui to the gate of a highgate compound, and went in alone to knock the door down, as if to leave.
"You wait here!" A strong man shouted haikui.
Haikui’s hands were tied, and many passers-by pointed and vaguely heard others say, "Someone has offended the Guo family again!"
"The Guo family can’t be provoked!"
Haikui, listen to this. Is this Guo family or this county a bully? It must be a lot of fish for the people
People around all dare not point at the strong man and stare around viciously, so they go to do what they should.
Haikui heard footsteps coming from the halls, and there were quite a few people walking.
Soon there were seven people in front of Haikui, one of whom was surrounded by a man in his forties. At first glance, those people wore hats and squinted at people. At first glance, they were not good birds!
The man in his forties looked down at Haikui and asked, "Is that him?"


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