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At this time, the backbone of their opposition must take the lead to come out.

Deputy director Lu took a deep breath and said to Xu Taotao with a straight face, "Jamlom, since the director said so, you’d better explain to us what you mean by encouraging the director to set up a new department!"
Xu Taotao frowned and replied with righteous words, "Deputy Director Lu, let me first declare that I set up a new department based on the consideration of the future development of the factory. What is encouragement? You can’t slander me! "
"What set up production research and development department? Because of need! Director Zhu’s plan to earn foreign exchange is not desirable? I deny it! On the contrary, I think director Zhu is the insightful!
What does China call on factories to earn foreign exchange? Because of national needs! Otherwise, it’s like director Zhu’s meeting, saying, is it because the country asked the heads of various factories to go to the capital for a meeting to reimburse cars back and forth?
Chapter one hundred and forty-two Talk about what objects blindly delay things
Meet one by one by Jamlom said his heart couldn’t wait to roll his sleeves and do it at once. Factory director Zhu proudly cocked his mouth.
He blindfolded his face and sat silent. Deputy Director Lu said, "All right, now that Jamlom has explained it to you, let’s vote on the establishment of a new department in the factory."
Lu, deputy director of the meeting, left the meeting room with a long face and silence.
More than half of the votes agreed to set up the "R&D Department", and Director Zhu won a big victory.
The scampering Huan finally made a big shame. Deputy Director Lu naturally left the scene despondently.
After the meeting, Xu Taotao picked up his things and was ready to go. He was stopped by Qi Zhu again.
This time, she didn’t say that she would introduce Xu Taotao.
She just looked at Xu Taotao from the beginning with a look of wonder and appreciation.
She said seriously, "Jamlom, I think you’re right. You’re in no hurry to talk about someone! As far as your conditions are concerned, those bastards in our slaughterhouse don’t deserve you in the future! I’ll quit the Women’s Federation if I talk too much later! "
The factory is still waiting for Comrade Jamlom to win honor for the country and earn foreign exchange.
Xu Taotao ""
Although she thinks so in her heart, it’s really not so bold. There are still many leaders who haven’t left the factory in the meeting room.
Be Xu Taotao miss factory leaders actually ears are vertical.
The boy in the slaughterhouse doesn’t deserve a good boy in their family!
Jamlom’s ability is obvious to all. There are young men in the family. The factory leaders immediately became active and wanted to take such an ability to golden phoenix and take it to their own homes!
Cao Yanhua looked complicated and looked at Xu Taotao, who was surrounded by her. She recalled that she had just been arguing with her heroes. His calm heart was restless again at the moment.
Think of the letter I wrote to my eldest brother last night, think of what she said to herself.
Cao Yanhua bullet a face of dim and left the meeting room.
Several factory leaders here are ready to move, and they are about to speak with Comrade Jamlom.
Who knows didn’t go factory director Zhu Deng Deng fierce came running.
He pointed at them and sprayed them as soon as he opened his mouth.
"What are you doing! Panic in the Jamlom? I’m telling you, Jamlom is the future pillar of the country, and the hope of our slaughterhouse! Don’t give me any bad ideas! What are you talking about? Jamlom is only ten years old. At this age, you should study hard, work hard and contribute to the country. "
Who are you talking about? This is not a waste of time!
Being cared for by the factory director, the leaders of the spray factory had a little care and immediately faded.
Several factory leaders laughed and left.
Director Zhu was especially worried about looking at Comrade Jamlom, who was green and green. He called people to the office.
He has a worried face.
"Jamlom factory is to give you a burden. I have high expectations for you. I know your education is a problem. Don’t worry about it. I will give you the places recommended by our factory for workers and peasants this year!
You must never talk about the object. It’s a waste of time to talk about the object! How can you have the energy to develop your career when you have to wait on your parents-in-law and milk dolls?
Comrade Chairman said that women hold up half the sky, and you have to hold up half the sky in our slaughterhouse! Thousands of comrades are starving in the face. Do you have the heart to leave them alone? "
""Xu Taotao gave him a look to understand.
Chapter one hundred and forty-three Rumors abound
At noon, Xu Taotao eats in the canteen with Zhao Xiulan and Xu Dage.
After the meal, the family ate and chatted. It was Zhao Xiulan and Xu Dage who looked very pale.
Xu Taotao asked strangely, "Mom, what happened to you two?"
Brother Xu trembles and then eats without talking with his head stuffy.
Xiulan Zhao is also pale with anger, worried about her little girl’s eyes, and she looks away and laughs. "Mom has nothing to eat."
You don’t want to talk about it?
Xu Taotao frown she put chopsticks "mom, eldest brother, do you have anything to hide from me? Tell me if you have anything? Is it better for you to say it directly than for me to guess? "
See the little girl asked quickly unhappy xiu-lan zhao good bullet "pa" chopsticks fell on the table.
"Is not the mouth shut! Look at your promise and look at our family’s life, and you will be jealous! I don’t know which rotten apple-pie rumor says that you must give your eldest brother and Changqi a back door. If your eldest brother and Changqi didn’t get in, they didn’t know what they said! "
Xu Taotao what else is it? She picked up chopsticks and continued to eat calmly.
"Mom, you’re not worried. My brother and Chang Qi didn’t enter this time."
Hit the nail on the head in one sentence
I was so angry that Zhao Xiulan didn’t know what expression to hang on her face.
She picked up the chopsticks and smoked it. She had heard the recruitment fruit with a lost face. "Your little sister bought those for you to watch! Let you not look! Go back and continue to burn the boiler! "
Brother Xu didn’t hide. He was smoked several times.
He was so depressed that he was in no mood to eat the food in front of him
Why didn’t he take the exam when his mother played well? This recruitment was hard for his sister to win the opportunity. How dare he face her!
Seeing that the atmosphere of this meal is sluggish today, Xu Taotao nai sighed.
"A blessing in disguise is a blessing in disguise. Mom, you and big brother are not so nervous."
Zhao Xiulan & Brother Xu glances with excitement.
""Little girl/little sister, what does this mean?
The mother and son asked Xu Taotao again, but refused to say a word.
After dinner, Xu Taotao went to the cold storage to find Xu Changqi.
Xu Dabo and Xu Changqi were both excited and moved when they saw Xu Taotao.
Xu Changqing’s eyes are bright. He rubs his hands and lowers his voice. "Peach, you-"
Xu Taotao sobbed her mouth and directly shattered their dreams.
"Forget it. I didn’t give you the back door."


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