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Not far from Sanqing Mountain, there are tens of thousands of giant mountains, and several monks sit quietly at the top of the mountain. These monks actually all have jade immortals, and many of them are beyond the level of jade immortals. Among them, there are dozens of people with faint shadows on their heads. These are the first in the clouds. It is only recently that they have realized that the masters of creating Shinto and Shinto are standing quietly at the top of the mountain and looking at the "list of gods" in the distance. The look is very solemn.

At the top of the mountain closest to Sanqingshan, an old man with a flower is the key figure of the ancestor of Kunlun Mountain to seal the gods’ war. Jiang Ya and Jiang Taishi hold something with a faint golden light in their hands. It is the famous "Beating God Whip" at the top of the seal the gods’ war that is a special artifact to manage the three hundred and sixty-five heavenly gods in Wang Hong.
In Sanqingshan Heaven, 300 people left fifteen positive gods standing in the middle with a full face of positive color according to some mysterious appearance. If someone carefully observes it, they will be surprised to find the wonderful pattern displayed by the 365 starlight of the creation artifact "The List of Gods". The appearance they stand out at this moment is completely consistent.
After the creation of God, the creation of the right god or the death or injury of these 365 heavenly gods is an artifact "the list of gods". The gods created by simulation are to perform the duties of the 365 right gods, so as not to cause chaos in the three realms and continue to operate.
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Heaven Volume Chapter 46 Sleeping place
Heaven Volume Chapter 46 Sleeping place
Sanqingshan’s original Buddha seemed to feel something and then smiled faintly. "The God Emperor is really enthusiastic and went to the Arctic West to wander around, but these days the demons have already moved him there and can’t find anything."
After the meeting, the elder brother Tai Laojun slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes sparkled with light and said indifferently, "There is no way to hide him. It took hundreds of millions of years to make painstaking efforts to get today’s achievements. Although the magical power of the God Emperor is strong, his mind is not enough. His purpose is to find the true spirit of his previous parents. If he destroys the original plan because of his impulse, it is really not worth hiding, so he will hide and finally give him some benefits."
"If things like his mind let him know that there is going to be a falling out in the future, it is better to divide the final benefits equally for him. Although he has hidden it from him, he has no excuse to make trouble in the future. What do the two seniors think?" Tongtian hierarch’s eyes sparkled with clear light and cunning color.
Too old gentleman, the original Buddha, suddenly silently sealed the gods. Before the World War II, the two religions negotiated to create a balance and ensure that the people of the three realms would always remain competitive. But in the end, the situation was seriously out of the original agreed track, and the two men finally secretly joined forces to destroy the Tongtian leader, which directly led to the demise of the interception. Although understandable, they were forced to dissolve the interception. Tongtian leader has always been bitter.
In World War I, the gods cut off thousands of immortals’ deaths and injuries and entered the list of gods. Although they lost their immortal ways, they could at least live. In the end, they all fell into a tragic field and were forced to disband. Finally, thousands of immortals were forced to take refuge in the dark corners of the three realms, and no one dared to go out of the mountain to endanger the three realms. At the same time, they lost their "thirty-three days away" to listen to Farley.
The unique altar is said to be a relic of interception, and all the immortals go to listen to the Dharma. The three Taoist ancestors have long noticed that the old gentleman and the original Buddha were both silent about this phenomenon, and they never spoke, neither opposed nor disapproved, while the Tongtian leader was secretly preparing to find an opportunity to reach the relic of interception, and asked the demon fairy people to worship at the entrance of the Yanyang Temple and obey the instructions of the Great Golden Sun.
As early as in Jinyang, when he was still in people, the Tongtian leader secretly had a small action. All the leftist forces in the past dynasties had ten unique fierce fighters who were taught by their ancestors. At that time, Jinyang’s repair was still low, and he didn’t fully understand that the key benefit was that a blind cat touched a dead mouse by luck, so he didn’t care too much. Later, he realized that it would be much more important to know the magical power of Shinto.
Looking at the silence of the two brothers, the leader suddenly smiled. He didn’t worry at all. He knew that the two brothers were extremely clever, and no one wanted to offend Jinyang, the god emperor. The temple of burning sun was not what it used to be. Although it couldn’t catch up with Sanqing, the difference was not too far. There was also the god king, Nuwa, who used to call on the general to create a dragon and feather spirit. Jinyang had a "devil’s refining pot" in his hand. The feather spirit would naturally be in Jinyang.
There are three top experts on both sides. If you really want to fight, even if the Jinyang body incarnation suffers a little loss, it will not be able to tell the winner in a short time, and even the big brother, too old gentleman, will not dare to say that you will definitely win. If you are unfortunately defeated, this face will be lost.
Moreover, the leader of Tongtian also spoke out early, and both of them knew very well that the little teacher younger brother had been deeply concerned about the war of sealing gods tens of thousands of years ago. If he stabbed him in the back during the war between the two sides, he would have to take off his skin even if he didn’t die, and the loss would be heavy, and maybe he would be extinct.
Too old gentleman after thinking or head to look at the distance the original Buddha nai nodded some really can’t light said, "all right, then according to the teacher younger brother said good punishment four points".
Bei ju Lu Zhou Bei
In the extreme north, the temperature is extremely low, and the sky is full of snow and snow. There are many places in Xuan Bing, and Xuan Bing has a long history of hundreds of millions of years. The hardness of this Xuan Bing is not worse than that of an ordinary magic weapon. How many ordinary fairy swords can be imprinted on the surface at most, and Xuan Bing can be broken by roots.
Dozens of khaki figures walk steadily in Xuan Bing with biting cold ice, and slowly walk in a certain direction. In the past, dozens of figures are all facial expressions and don’t show the slightest energy breath. If they are not ordinary people who absolutely resist the cold ice, they are just ordinary people. Who would have thought that they are the demon outside Jinyang’s extremely fearful region?
Far behind these days, there are hundreds of people dressed in cassock or cassock. These people are all celestial demons, but they are descendants of celestial demons from outside the territory. Because of the celestial demon’s commitment, they can cultivate celestial demon dharma bodies, but the dharma bodies are not powerful because of impure blood. Compared with their heavenly demon ancestors, they are at least thousands of miles worse.
After hundreds of days of demon legacy, Maitreya walked at the forefront. Although his dharma body was broken by Jinyang, every cloud has a silver lining was given the celestial demon instrument "Slaughter Beast", which exuded a gray bone light. Slaughter Beast made Maitreya’s bone light the most attractive, and it was extremely cold, so he couldn’t get into his whole body at all. It was very easy to walk ten meters, and he was almost flat on the ground.
Hundreds of figures behind him are not as lucky as he is. Although many people have dharma bodies, the demon ancestors have made it too strict for anyone to take out their dharma bodies to resist the cold. With the help of physical strength and carrying magic weapons, they can slowly move towards the extreme north.
With the stronger the resistance, even Xuanxian is difficult to move forward, which shows that the issue is very fishy, and the people have become more and more convinced that in the far north, there must be something that excites everyone the most, creating a sleeping place for the protoss.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 469 Xuan Bing Palace
Celestial Volume Chapter 469 Xuan Bing Palace
Hundreds of miles west of the Arctic Ocean are surprisingly calm and turbulent.
Jinyang walked on the surface of the water and wandered around slowly. As time went by, his heart became more and more confused, and his eyebrows naturally wrinkled up.
All of a sudden, Jinyang seems to think of something, such as a big frown and a strong chill breath of purple light, which makes people shudder. His body hurriedly turns into a purple light stream and flies towards the far north pole and west.
Jinyang could feel the eagerness to put the speed forward in his heart, but when he had a cup of tea, the avatar rushed to the farthest edge of the northwest of heaven, staring at the huge iceberg like Optimus Prime with a slightly anxious look.
Suddenly, the yoshimitsu in the eyes of Jinyang incarnation flashed, and the whole body expanded tens of thousands of times. The right fist was smashed on the ice with purple streamer and sharp war gas.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
The explosion suddenly sounded on the ice, like hitting ordinary glass with a force of 10 thousand tons. How can it withstand such an impact? In a series of violent explosions, the ice surface broke into stars, and ice blades, powder and ice hockey flashed with light blue cold light and flew in all directions with sharp specific impact.
Jinyang incarnate fiercely pulled away from the whole body, and the purple streamer became more dense and turned into lavender glass cover. The whole Jinyang was wrapped and blocked, and the broken ice blade was held behind his back. His right hand could not help but tremble violently, and his heart secretly marveled at the powerful defense ability, which was not the kui of a demon’s lair.
After waiting for the broken ice blade to fly out, Jinyang suddenly felt that a huge Xuan Bing Palace came into view at the moment. The ice surface carved by Xuan Bing for hundreds of millions of years flashed with strange spells. Jinyang suddenly remembered that a few days ago, he met the demon instrument "Slaughter Beast" with spells printed on the ice surface that came to deliver the letter Maitreya Buddha from heaven. The characters on the ice surface were almost the same.
Watching the scenic cold wind outside the ice palace, wrapped in almost crystallized snow flakes, whizzing by on the surface of the ice palace, Xuan Bing made sharp noises, and the ice crystals collided with Xuan Bing like bullets, arrows, and even a few places on Mars could faintly see black light flashing, which was just a sign of rupture. Such ferocity was simply appalling.
Slowly bent over and looked at the sea in front of the ice palace. Tens of thousands of tiny icebergs fluctuated in the rough sea. There were huge deep-sea monsters that shuttled through the sea, floating on the sea, puffing clouds and screaming at the sky. Occasionally, I could see wild animals killing their own kind. Blood was like a dark rose slowly rising from the depths of the sea.
However, it’s really weird that the Xuan Bing Palace, which is full of towering heights, has a main entrance that is not as high as a hundred feet, curled up in a corner near the ocean surface. If it weren’t for Jinyang’s amazing eyesight, I really couldn’t find the entrance. Now that such a magnificent Xuan Bing Palace has such a small door.
Jinyang slowly flies away and becomes a normal person. The size of the door is quietly suspended 100 meters away from the entrance, quietly watching the two closed doors. The door body is also carved by Wannian Xuan Bing. In addition to the secret code, the strange spell door is also carved with two huge statues, both of which have twenty-four heads and ten golden hands. It is the demon body that is glaring and ferocious.
"Why don’t the distinguished guests come in?" When Jinyang hesitated, the number of celestial demon statues flashed with dazzling golden light. Two Xuan Bing doors slammed automatically and played a peaceful polar sound, which was like receiving an old friend with enthusiasm. If Jinyang didn’t know that this was the lair of the celestial demon outside the country, he might really wonder in his heart.
Although Jinyang has always been modest and prudent, but conceited, he still has some IQ. He slowly detects himself in the open front door and jumps back and forth in the huge palace. Although he can feel a faint breath, it is definitely not easy for him to enter the heart. Although he is very confused, sometimes he still has to be careful. It is an eternal truth.
It’s like feeling a chuckle immediately in Jinyang Hesitant Hall. It’s very peaceful, without any other meaning or ridicule. It’s like chatting with an old friend, which seems to be leisurely and comfortable.
Hearing this strange smile, Jinyang can’t calm down. If he stays in Sanqingdao Zujinyang, he will definitely be happy to go in and sit down. Although he is not familiar with Sanqingdao Zu, for now, at least the two sides will not take the hostile road, but the people in the ice palace are different. Jinyang is sure that the other party is tired of hiding in the three realms.
I feel that if there is a breath, Jinyang secretly calculates at the bottom of my heart that the strength of the other party is definitely not in my own day. Since the demon dares to go out physically, he will leave one person to meet himself. It is certain that he will definitely come, and he will never leave one who kills the weak by himself, and the algorithm will be better than himself. It is also a person who can contain himself.
Thinking of this, Jinyang’s eyebrows suddenly became confused. I dare not delay any more. The devil’s refining pot suddenly exploded and danced to the middle, shining with dazzling green light. See the sea behind Jinyang, and the sea water will follow suit. A large area of the sea water department will quickly break away from the ocean and suspend behind Jinyang, instantly forming a solid ice sword, shining with blue light and biting cold light.
Feel the smell of Xuan Bing Palace, showing a little bit of anger, and then smile and say indifferently, "I know who you are, and you know very well that since I can’t be a friend, why don’t you see the truth at the bottom?"? Is this what Shi Jia Tian Yao told you? "


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