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"Yang alone does not give birth to independence. Y and n are not long. Hello, since"

Normally speaking, this statement has no other special meaning, but it has a different taste when it falls on Wang Ruoyu’s ear.
Gifted and intelligent, such as he can clearly recall even a trivial thing that happened ten years ago, what’s worse, a short year ago?
On the first day of purgatory, the most outstanding brother Yun Tian, who was born out of the glass, once said this to him.
Whether it is tone or expression, it is guiding him to a horrible fact.
Coloured glaze and cloudy sky are the Chen Shaobai of Qingxuanmen.
Can easily hide from the great avatar and dare to provoke the deity, besides the immortal, there are people who talk about the immortal?
Even Chen Shaobai’s repair may be more than the level of initial deification.
The double god is the peak of the triple world!
At this level, he can keep looking up.
Wang Ruoyu knows that even if he is a peerless genius, he can worship people of Chen Shaobai’s level with reverence and fear, and the distance between them will gradually widen with the passage of time. In the end, even the qualification of worship will be lost, and he will be able to glimpse the other side in the unofficial history.
He has put out the idea of revenge and wanted to ask for immortality.
"White you go."
Lin Yuanxi shook his head, and if his lips were red and flaming, there was a hint of pondering radian. "You guys will be punished by the Qingxuan Xianshan Statue Hall for three years and then you will be relieved of imprisonment."
"Follow your orders!"
Wang Ruoyu respectfully bowed down and Stuart Yutang was left behind by Lin Yuanxi.
"You know I don’t punish Chen Shaobai? Do you think I am a little eccentric? "
Hearing this, Stuart Yutang slowly raised his head and made a big gift with his eyes red. "Yutang didn’t dare to have resentment. It was that Chen Shaobai was cruel …"
Lin Yuanxi suddenly laughed.
"I’ve banned this place, even if it’s assimilation, God can eavesdrop. Now that it’s been others, I’ll come straight to the point."
Zhang Jiao’s inscrutable words made Situ Yutang feel a little bad in his heart.
"You are a demon race quasi-holy soul reincarnation reconstruction body, then Chen Shaobai Ten is also the corpse reconstruction of the ancient great avatar, which I have long known."
Words here Stuart Yutang surprised out in a cold sweat and suddenly looked up at the palm of his hand in disbelief.
Lin Yuanxi raised two ancient bronze lotus lanterns with one hand.
One lamp is purple and gold and the other is dancing with the soft blue Se flame of Y and N.
"This is when Chen Shaobai and you entered my Qingxuan Gate and left a soul lamp in Taixu Temple."
Words Lin Yuan Xi fingers lightly in front of the Y and N soft blue Se flame instantly broken and dissipated.
"It is true that Chen Shaobai left his soul, but you are opportunistic and deceitful."
"No one can tell how many eyeliners have been inserted into each other in the ten magical ways of Xiandao. If I really make it clear that most of the strength of Qingxuan Gate will be lost except for Zongmen, and other Zongmen are no exception."
Lin Yuanxi’s words are like leading a lost sailboat to light a lamp, which makes Stuart Yutang’s mind instantly transparent.
He didn’t figure it out until he heard Lin Yuanxi say this. He went to some passes in Ri.
"So I don’t want Chen Shaobai to be born clean, and I want him to be willing to contribute to the door. Why don’t you?"
Lin Yuanxi smiled and said in a few words that Stuart Yutang was dizzy and willingly gave his life and soul and tied it together with Qing Xuanmen.
In this way, even if a genius loses its mana, it is much more valuable than the mundane, isn’t it?
On the other hand, one of the parties, Chen Shaobai, flew to the sky to exorcise demons and refine the elixir fruit to prepare for the auction …
Chapter two hundred and ninety-seven Purple jade pulp
Chapter two hundred and seventeen Zi Qiong Yu Jiang
Penglai Island, where J and jīng Hua, the core of the Star Islands, is located, is densely covered with thousands of spiritual laws, which is more like a fortress than a residence.
Every rock is painted with jewels. It’s quite unusual. The monks in the battle field don’t even think about what damage they want to do to this island.
Corresponding to this, the territory is extremely vast, and the secular and largest imperial country is not here.
A vast territory and many people will cause all kinds of differentiation, but when it comes to this floating island, it is surrounded by faint white Se clouds all the year round.
This white Se cloud contains a faint fragrance, which is of great benefit to people’s health all the year round. Even mortals can prolong their lives, and the benefits to monks are even more numerous.
"If I had been here, it wouldn’t have been so difficult for me to break through from practicing my initial condition to quenching my secret condition?"
Chen Shaobai strolled along the tree-lined path, feeling the elegance and wealth around him, and unconsciously thought so.
Strictly speaking, he has been here for several months, but today is the first time to really go out for a walk and feel the customs and feelings.
Besides, it’s still passing by after demon reduction and exorcism.
Chen Shaobai, who hasn’t relaxed for a long time, walked slowly in all kinds of lanes, and his mind gradually relaxed. He wandered around the world and felt more comfortable than ever.
Comfortable, serene and serene
How many people can stand in my way?
Relax, Chen Shaobai, these Ri drinks wine and immortals accumulate pure aura in the body and are dissolved one by one to integrate into Zijin Shuangyan, which promotes mana progress.
Before you know it, he has reached the seven peaks of quenching gas.
The original liquid environment has been completed. Chen Shaobai’s whole body and meridians are filled with liquid mana. Zijin Se mana is like a gurgling river flowing in his body, nourishing his body and raising his potential to resist aging and weakness.
If anything happens, he can now easily live for 300 years and enjoy five Shou Yuan.
"Sure enough … one by one, the martial arts is firm and pure and brave, and it is important to go to the ground for penance, but it is also necessary to have a proper rest."
After a little sigh with emotion, Chen Shaobai flew up and flew in the direction of Qin Tianjian
It is not uncommon for a friar to live in Penglai Fairyland with a large population. Although he can fly without flying his sword, his gesture of escaping to the ground is really somewhat admirable, but it has not caused much stir.
A moment later, Chen Shaobai came to the door of Qin Tianjian.
The waiter and appraisers who took out that token left by the sunrise looked at him with enthusiasm as if they were watching a gold ingot that could move by itself.
It is natural to say that Chen Shaobai was treated as an uncle, and all the tedious things were taken the initiative to do. The elixir spirit fruit refined was quickly replaced by the equivalent lingshi.
Of course, this is the estimated value of the appraisers. After the auction is completed, the extra price will naturally take the initiative to make up. If the auction price is less than the pre-judgment, no refund will be required!


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