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Everyone didn’t say much. After Mei Nina made this Li Chengfeng give a magic bead, everyone went straight to Chang ‘an, the capital of Datang in the distance.

After about a month or so, Ye Guchen finally arrived in Chang ‘an, the capital of Datang Jingshi, and there were many scattered practices in Chang ‘an, the capital of a country in the mainland, and there were some families of repairing the truth, among which the most powerful ones were the Sokokuji in the West Mountain of Chang ‘an and the Buddhist mansion in Chang ‘an. It is said that the Buddhist of Datang was a master in the mid-term of out-of-body experience, and it was amazing that people belonged to the first Sect of the Tang Dynasty to repair the truth, and the power of clearing the mind was amazing. In this Datang territory, the spokesman is in charge of controlling the secular power of the Qing Dynasty, and the Qing Dynasty is on the east side of Chang ‘an. Sanqingshan is a sect in that big Sokokuji, and Sokokuji is a big surface, and the back hill of Sokokuji is a famous Buddhist Sect Tiantai Temple. Both of them have been fighting for this Tang Dynasty gas cloud, and this large-scale belief in Tang Dynasty can be said to be incompatible with each other.
Here, both Tiantai Temple in Chang ‘an and Qingguan have made rules. Those who fix the truth are not allowed to fly at will, which will cause mortals to panic. When they come here, they will no longer fly with their swords, but will land on the ground and enter the city. This is the location chosen by Chang ‘an League. Qingguan on the east side of Chang ‘an will naturally not be Chang ‘an with a population of ten million.
After entering Chang ‘an and crossing the gate, Ye Guchen and others hurried towards Sanqing Mountain on the east side again. It is said that Sanqing Mountain was the name of all Sanqing Mountains where the ancestors of Sanqing Daoism lived in those years. The scenery here is beautiful and the aura is rich. Ye Guchen knows that this is nonsense because the so-called Sanqing is just a god’s word. There is no such person in the fix-up world. This name is just a ignorant layman.
Sanqingshan Mountain is not far from Chang ‘an. After about two or three hours, Ye Guchen has already arrived here. In front of the mountain gate, there are dozens of road flyovers standing on both sides as if to meet the general people wearing blue cassock. After seeing these people, Ye Guchen has fallen behind one of them. Probably, then, the fix-up world first came up to this front. After Li Chengfeng kotow, he asked, "What kind of master is the pavilion?" Is there an invitation? "
"Yes ~ I’m Li Chengfeng, a righteous Sect. Behind me are my righteous brothers!" Li Chengfeng spoke and took out the invitation. Then he pointed to Ye Guchen and said that this matter was of great importance to prevent those evil people from mixing into it. This pure view issued many invitations, and only those who have invitations can enter.
After reading the invitation, Qingguan’s younger brother immediately showed respect. This Zhengqi Sect is also the right school. Although people don’t often fight, Zhengqi’s younger brother’s talents and strength are worthy of respect and people’s friendship. Therefore, both Zhengqi Sect and Zhengqi Sect have many friends, and their power is amazing. Not here, Qingguan Yuntai Temple has special respect for Zhengqi Sect guests.
Two people, Ye Guchen and Mei Nina, who followed Li Chengfeng, also got good treatment. Two brothers made a special trip to lead Li Chengfeng to the mountain where Qingguan was stationed.
It’s impossible for a sect to show itself boldly in front of the world. It’s not afraid, but it can’t be fixed. There is an unwritten rule that the location of the sect can’t be revealed to ordinary people at will, and no sect has its own secrets. Once the door location is public, it means that the whole sect is like a naked luo beauty waiting for others to destroy it. It’s absolutely impossible and not allowed to happen. The gates of all the sects are hidden and surrounded by all kinds of defense arrays, just like the evil sect has its own defense array.
After crossing the rugged mountain road, I came to a bamboo forest. According to the position of Jiugong Gua, my brother took Ye Guchen. They walked around the same bamboo forest for half a circle, and then came to a Taoist temple. After making a few seals in the central lobby of the Taoist temple, I took out a piece of Yu Pei and pressed the idol in the central position. This hall was scattered and slowly revealed another pair of caves. It was already a cliff. Suddenly, there was a ladder leading directly to a mountain, and there were beautifully carved guardrails everywhere on both sides of this ladder. This was hidden just now. If there is no mountain peak, it is full of antique buildings. A hall in the center is particularly grand, but it is slightly insufficient compared with this evil extreme Sect. Each of the seven peaks of the evil extreme Sect is ten times more magnificent than here!
When this mountain peak came out, Qing Guan’s younger brother immediately greeted Ye Guchen. They walked down the stairs and came to the top of the mountain. It is a square of about tens of thousands of square meters. The center of this square is already full of people, except for a magnificent golden hall. People are divided into dozens of camps, including monks and Taoist priests, and some people dressed in ordinary decorations. In the center, an old man who can’t see the depth is smiling and greeting dozens of people on both sides. Anyone who can sit there and repair Ye Guchen can see through it. These people are all famous experts in the field of repairing truth in this lobby.
However, there are three positions in the central position of this hall, where an old monk and an old Taoist are sitting respectively. The old Taoist is the boss of today’s master, and the old monk is sitting there talking and laughing, but everyone can see that the two people are not quite right.
In the central position, there is a seat with no one sitting there, and there is a large position behind the seat. There are few thousand people in this tens of thousands of meters square and those who are clear-minded. There are more than two thousand people, so it can be said that people are full of people everywhere, but there is only one person near that seat.
Li Chengfeng immediately met the two people sitting in the center, Ye Guchen, and realized that these two feelings are the two masters of the path of the Tang Dynasty’s fix-up world. The two masters of the Qing Dynasty, the Taoist Jade Qing and the Tiantai Temple, presided over the Yuntai monk. Both of them are masters in the later period of distraction, which can be said to be a top one in this Tang Dynasty’s fix-up world.
Li Chengfeng came on behalf of Zhengqi Sect, and he was also an out-of-body experience expert. Naturally, he got a certain courtesy. Road flyover Yu Qing and the monk Yuntai also smiled at Li Chengfeng and chatted for two sentences, which was considered a greeting. But at the same time, they looked at Ye Guchen and Mei Nina differently, but they didn’t say much, so they turned their heads to chat with others, while Li Chengfeng found a place to sit down and talk to the people next to him. It seems that Li Chengfeng still eats a lot in the field of repairing the truth, and many people know him and some don’t know him. Li Chengfeng is a master of Zhengqi Sect, and suddenly they all leaned in to talk. After all, Zhengqi Sect is reliable, but it is definitely a good thing to have such a friend. On the contrary, Ye Guchen and Mei Nina feel that they are doing everything.
Chang’ an League Demonstrating Conference hasn’t really seemed to be waiting. Generally, everyone is talking about other things there, and occasionally it will happen. It’s just a brief talk that doesn’t go deep, as if everyone is waiting.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine Power and prestige
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine Power and prestige
Just as Ye Guchen was there, they were curious and listening. When Ye Guchen was thinking and guessing that something big would happen this time, a high-pitched voice sounded around, "Lord Qinghuo from the Oriental Branch of the Holy Extremist Flame!"
It sounded once, but it seemed like a spell that stopped everyone from moving and talking. It was a sin to get up one by one and look at the door. It was a little noisy and the scene was transient and silent. It was a little bigger than holding your breath one by one as if you were breathing.
"Brother Ye didn’t expect the holy man to come here, but brother Ye should be careful not to talk at random or make more polite moves, or even there will be a disaster." Similarly, Li Chengfeng gave this beautiful Nina and Ye Guchen a sound at the same time, although he knew that two people should not act excessively, but he still couldn’t help but point to one thing, after all, if he offended this upcoming person, it would be difficult to save Ye Guchen’s life even if he was upright.
"The holy extreme cases? "Asked leaves alone so I don’t know.
"Yes, that is to say, the evil cult wants to come to Ye Brothers. Although it is an overseas practice, it should be heard of the title of this evil cult. Three cases are one. This whole Tenglong mainland oriental overlord is controlled by this evil cult, and it is called the first faction of evil cult in a thousand years. The Datang Kingdom is under the jurisdiction of the evil cult, and we all have to rely on it. All the evil cult people are eccentric, but they attach great importance to the rules, manners and generations. Ye Brothers must not be polite, otherwise I will not be able to keep you!" Li Chengfeng explained what he knew in detail to Ye Guchen, who had a feeling of urging. It seems that this evil Sect is a terrible one in this Li Chengfeng heart, and even those who pay attention to integrity and righteousness dare not provoke the minister.
As soon as I spoke, I saw a dragon boat break through the clouds, as if it had come straight from afar instead of coming here through the mountains like other factions. The dragon boat is about 100 meters long, with three floors of attic, pavilion, agate and jade decoration, which is luxurious and extremely perfect, and the golden flash is dazzling. There are dozens of young people in red on both sides of the dragon boat, each of whom is unusually handsome. Don’t underestimate these young people on the surface. None of them have an elixir and two are wearing red robes and chests. A group of young people with flames have a baby repair, and there is a golden dragon chair in this central position, a handsome middle-aged body with a big red brocade embroidered with golden fire clouds, long hair and beautiful beard reaching to the chest, phoenix eyes, thin lips and high nose bridge. The whole person gives people an indescribable cold and domineering attitude, and there is an indescribable majesty.
The dragon boat broke through the clouds, but it didn’t move slowly in this day, and then it came to the central hall of Qingguan, where various factions evaded, and then dozens of young people jumped from the dragon boat under the leadership of two leading experts, and then four crisp women sounded at the same time, "Evil extreme cases of the northern branch of Flame Peak, green fire, real people arrived ~ ~ and knelt to meet ~"
"Kneel to meet ~" This sentence Yuzryha lonely heart a burst of didn’t expect this green fire to dare to be so overbearing. You know, in this fix true world, everyone is proud to get immortality. Although I am in this evil extreme, this green fire shouldn’t be so arrogant. What’s more, I came here. Everyone is a master, and I didn’t expect this green fire to be so arrogant with my younger brothers.
Want to know the fix true world pay attention to is a face and strength green fire to do so, but let all people lose face ~ Ye Guchen involuntary expression is a bit odd. I knew this evil extreme case was overbearing, but I didn’t expect the door to be overbearing.
Those masters around seem to have become accustomed to it for a long time. Although they are reluctant, they have already knelt on the ground, but their knees are all those low-ranking brothers. Those real bosses bow down one by one to show their manners. Obviously, it is not the first time they have seen the green fire. What should they do to show their respect has long been known.
However, except for the leaders of various factions, others are screaming and kneeling on the ground. The ground was dark and thousands of people knelt down, but Ye Guchen didn’t kneel. He wanted to kneel and was afraid of the green fire. This guy can’t afford it, even if he is the head of the evil clan, the evil people can’t afford to worship himself. What’s worse, is this green fire?
The green fire looked behind a circle coldly, but when he saw Ye Guchen’s back, his expression suddenly changed. Obviously, he knew Ye Guchen. Although Ye Guchen didn’t know him, he knew that Ye Guchen had been here the day before yesterday, and he gave this image to the green fire. But he said that he was very fond of the origin skyfire real person.
He felt cold sweat at the thought of what his brother said just now. If he really knelt down for himself just now, he would be in trouble. Why don’t those elders and patriarchs eat themselves alive?
Others don’t know if he knows that although the skyfire reality has never appeared, his old man’s house has always followed his master’s temper. No one knows better than the green fire. If he really dares to accept this gift, even if he doesn’t recognize it, he will immediately rush out and put himself in ashes.
"Li ~ Li ~ I, a little boy, don’t understand and shout at random, but I hope you will be honest!" When talking, the green fire quickly said to the interface, and his eyes looked straight at Ye Guchen’s speech and saluted slightly. However, this movement was not seen by everyone, because all the people present were already stunned. You know, this green fire reality is overbearing and arrogant, but it has never been done less before it became famous, but who would have thought that he would say such a thing this time, but it made people adapt to it in some ways.
In fact, the green fire is not at all telling these guys that he had a fit in the early days. Although it is not high, it belongs to the second generation brother, but there is no doubt in this Datang environment that the first master is much higher than the two bosses of Qingguan and Tiantai Temple, and the power of the evil extreme Sect is even more shocking. He didn’t even look at it in his eyes. He did this because Ye Guchen was there. If Ye Guchen had not died in the green fire, he wouldn’t have said such a thing.
"My Lord, please sit down!" Taoist Qing Dynasty Jade Qing and Tiantai monks came out in succession, and then spoke respectfully to the green fire after kotow. Please ask the green fire to go to the central seat, and the green fire also nodded slightly, and then took dozens of dragon boats into the palm of your hand that day and sat down in the central position. Dozens of evil young brothers stood straight behind the green fire.
In fact, they have never thought about letting the green fire come here. In fact, there are things in the Tang Dynasty to fix the true world. Evil extreme cases have never intervened. In this Tang Dynasty, the eastern part of Tenglong mainland is in a detached position. On weekdays, there are great things in the Tang Dynasty. They have never paid attention to whether anyone challenges the evil extreme. They have never come forward. Even if they come out, they are only a younger brother at most. This exorcism meeting invited the green fire reality to make room. That is because of etiquette problems, but I didn’t expect that this green fire actually came.
After sitting in this central position, the green fire nodded slightly toward Ye Guchen. Although he wanted to say hello to Ye Guchen, he used to grovel and serve him, but he didn’t dare to expose Ye Guchen’s identity unless he wanted to. Unless he wanted to, the green fire would be punished. The green fire root didn’t dare to mess around and nodded slightly. This is the limit. Otherwise, it would be troublesome for people to see clues and cause dissatisfaction with this young man.
"Ahem ~ ladies and gentlemen ~ Today, I invited you from the Wulin path. I believe that things have already happened in everyone’s hearts. This time, we are really practicing the magic clan’s actions. The evil of the magic clan in this Datang realm does not poison me. It can be said that it is evil to take its yuan baby then to do refining and evil cultivation. It can be said that it has not only killed me in the past ten years, but also killed hundreds of master brothers in the field. Their actions are simply outrageous. We are waiting for the noble family in the field to destroy this evil cult. I am clear-minded and this Tiantai Temple jointly issued invitations. Arranged this green fire to sit in the central three positions. After the Jade Qing reality coughed for two times, he said lightly that he would look around as if waiting for the public to answer.
At this time, he didn’t ask for a green fire. Jade Qing isn’t the kind of person who doesn’t know what to do. This evil pole has always been detached from them. It’s not a level. Even if the whole lobby is tied together, I’m afraid it’s not someone else’s evil pole. When people watch them fight with each other, it’s like watching ants fight. They won’t get involved or speak. He didn’t ask for green fire’s opinion at all. Green fire is just a spectator here. Of course, this spectator is detached. If he doesn’t speak,
If the green fire says at this time that it is necessary to support the practice of soul magic Sect, it is not necessary to say too much nonsense. It is necessary to say simply that "the practice of soul magic Sect is not intentional. I think you should forget it."
It needs such a simple sentence. These people will immediately put an end to the practice of the soul devil clan. Even from now on, no one will say another word. Even if the practice of the soul devil clan comes to the door, they can temporarily endure it. After all, it shows that the evil extreme clan supports the practice of the soul devil clan. Even if they have any dissatisfaction in their hearts, they can endure and dare not say more.
Even if this soul-practicing demon clan is in a hurry, they can avoid it everywhere if they don’t have a curse.
However, the evil extreme Sect won’t say this, and the green fire won’t interrupt at all. In the view of the evil extreme Sect, if they are stable, no one will threaten the status of the evil extreme Sect in the Tang Dynasty, and no one here will dare to challenge the evil extreme Sect. This is enough for them to fight and kill each other, and things will have no hearts at all.
"This soul-practicing devil clan has indeed been a bit excessive in recent years, but it is even more because the year before last that it ambushed me, the master of the essence refining device, Bing Chen, who refined this essence refining device in Yuan Ying. Our door has long wanted to deal with the soul-practicing devil clan, but we are not opponents who can keep silent. Now, Jade Qing reality and Yuntai host invited us to come to our essence refining device clan, which is naturally supportive. Although there are not many masters of the essence refining device clan, we are willing to work with you to deal with this soul-practicing devil clan, and I, Datang, fix this scourge On the left, a craftsman dressed up as a master got up. Lang said, when it comes to practicing the magic clan, his eyes are a little latosolic red and he doesn’t understand people. This guy hates evil, but many people know that the head of the elite refining clan hates practicing the magic clan so much. That’s because the dead Bing Chen is his twin brother.
"I’m naturally duty-bound in this matter. The practice of the soul devil clan has become more and more serious in recent years. It’s simply evil. It’s not only chaotic to fix the true boundary, but even those who have been infiltrated by their forces to kill people and take the soul to refine the multiplier. Evil is not just for everyone. In recent years, I’ve also been punished except for two evil brothers who practice the soul devil clan, but these two people are just nine Niu Yi hairs. I think it’s really time to deal with this practice of the soul devil clan. I’m afraid it will be a disaster to let them go like this again!" Sitting there, Li got up in the wind, and Lang said that things like this will never be without this righteous figure
"We are naturally duty-bound to deal with this soul-practicing devil Sect, but this soul-practicing devil Sect claims to be the largest faction in the Tang Dynasty. Not to mention, there are still many evil spirits who are heretics. Those born genies collude with them. I am afraid that a bad war between good and evil will be caused, and it will still be a day of suffering!" A road flyover with a full face of suffering came out with a sigh, and some people said with compassion, in fact, what was on his mind, even if he was the only one who knew whether it was a day of heavy life or death, which was hard to say.
"This practice soul magic although powerful is not false but we are in the right way, which can be afraid of these? If this soul-practicing devil Sect invites evil people widely, it’s a war between good and evil. What’s the harm? Hum ~ Are we still afraid of them? You can’t just let people go like this because you’re afraid of practicing the magic clan’s power, can you? A lot of words in the wrong novel network have saved the whole life or harmed the whole life? Think for yourself. In my opinion, don’t be afraid of how powerful he is. Are we still afraid of them if we unite in heaven and right? We’ll kill as many people as they come. How can those evil spirits be punished for their heresies? How can they give up because they are afraid of damaging the fish in the pond? " Li Chengfeng obviously didn’t quite agree with the other side’s point of view. As soon as the Taoist said this, Li Chengfeng came out with a little dissatisfaction, saying that when he said this, he was awe-inspiring and made many retreating people feel embarrassed to say more.
"Well ~ healthy spirit always ride the wind, my nephew said it was good to put aside evil! How can you sit back and wait for death because you are afraid of hurting the fish in the pond? So we can’t fix the truth and be a coward? In the end, I think it’s still our own practice. This practice must be defeated, but this practice has always been more secretive than their lair. I know it’s in the foggy mountain range in Huaishui area in the south, but there are tens of thousands of peaks stretching thousands of miles. It’s a big problem for us to find this practice, "said an old man with a frown and a white beard."
"Ha ha, this Taoist friend doesn’t worry about the address of the soul-practicing devil clan. We know a thing or two clearly and have already sent our brothers to find out the location of the soul-practicing devil clan. Don’t worry, I just invited you here this time. Please discuss and consult everyone’s opinions. If everyone agrees, then we will join hands to deal with the soul-practicing devil clan and set a day to join forces with all the masters to deal with the soul-practicing devil clan! I don’t know about you? " Jade Qing reality here smiled after hearing this, and then proudly said that it is difficult to be complacent when saying this. It has been two thousand years since the mysterious whereabouts of the practicing soul devil Sect were known as the first school of magic, but no one has ever known where their clan is located. I don’t know anything about the fog and cloud mountains near Huaishui, but I can detect the exact address of the practicing soul devil Sect. I have to say that the power of this clear view is amazing.
555555~ Why don’t you have a ticket? Give me a recommended ticket if you don’t have a monthly ticket ~)
Chapter one hundred and forty The power of green fire
Chapter one hundred and forty The power of green fire
Hearing this, all the people around you moved their faces one by one and looked at the Qing Dynasty Jade Qing reality. I didn’t expect this Qing Dynasty to find this refined soul devil Sect address. This Qing Dynasty strength even is far from as simple as it seems.
"Amitabha, in this case, let’s make an appointment to attack the devil-refining Sect together and completely wipe out this cancer in the realm of repair. I wonder if it’s good for you?" Here Yuntai monk made a kotow after hearing this and said slowly
"This faction needs some time to prepare. I think since everyone has this idea, this fix-the-true realm has a big harm. This Datang realm is big or small. It will take several months for everyone to go back and forth. Now it’s March. Why don’t we agree to wipe out this devil-refining clan in the Mid-Autumn Festival on the fifteenth day of the fifth month in half a year’s time?" Sitting there jade Qing reality touched a beard on his chest and then said slowly
"Well, in that case, I’ll wait for the Mid-Autumn Festival on the fifteenth day of the month to destroy this refined soul demon clan, and this Datang fix-up world will be ready for you." This proposal was obviously agreed by all.
Now that things have been settled, there are no other things. At this time, people around us are talking about the anecdotes of the fix-true world. Although we are here to talk about the matter of destroying the devil Sect, the real business is not much. Now that we have finalized this matter, we should talk about something else. There are also some things like competitions between brothers of various sects
Just then, a not-so-loud sound came to mind: "Liu Zongzhen, the head of Fuyou Sect, is the four elders of Zongmen!"
As soon as the sound passed, people around you looked towards the door, one by one, and they couldn’t help but frown. This ofuda Sect is one of the right schools, but such a grand event was invited, but coming here so late can’t help but make people around you think, "What does this ofuda Sect mean? Do you think that you are old enough to pick up ostentation and extravagance? "
I came to sit here in the middle of the green fire and sat there with my eyes half narrowed, looking like I was wandering outside the house as if I didn’t hear the surrounding situation, but it was at this time that the green fire suddenly opened my eyes and flashed a sharp light in my eyes.
It’s not a secret that Liu Qi, the young master of Fuofunzong, was killed by Ye Guchen. This Fuofunzong searched for Ye Guchen all over the sky, and in other words, it was well known that this Fuofunzong didn’t kill Ye Guchen, which could make him swear.
This is Ye Guchen’s private affair. According to the facade of the Sect, don’t worry about it, but it doesn’t mean that whether it’s Ye Guchen’s private affair, it’s an experience for Ye Guchen to come out. They don’t want to worry about it when the other party really threatens Ye Guchen’s life, but it doesn’t prevent this green fire from finding this trouble.
In the view of the green fire, to some extent, Ye Guchen represents the whole evil extreme Sect. Although outsiders don’t know that Ye Guchen belongs to the evil extreme Sect, this evil spirit is always something.
"Ha ha ~ Liu Zongzhu’s arrival really makes Shepeng shine, but it’s a little late. We were here just now to discuss the crusade against the devil’s Sect. You Fuzuo Sect didn’t arrive. We have set the right alliance to crusade against the devil’s Sect on the fifteenth day of the month. You Fuzuo Sect will definitely arrive then. Fuzuo Sect is a big Sect of the right path. If you don’t attend this alliance, it will be slightly eclipsed!" Jade Qing reality slowly got up and laughed so much. Although his heart was a little dissatisfied with the fact that he was late for the ofuda Sect, the strength of the ofuda Sect was not bad. Since I’m here, it’s necessary to give enough and it’s always a good thing to have one more person to fight against the devil Sect.


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