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Don’t send SiTuHao sacrifice god knowledge crack thunder blade crazy to SiTuHao came to the ghost immediately stopped them crazy.

At the same time, Situ Hao also offered a sacrifice to the thunder blade, which was placed in the gods’ knowledge. Zhongxin returned the mother’s paper, ink, pen and inkstone to the ground and shouted in her mouth, Mother, I am your son Situ Hao. I left you a letter. I hope you can reply to my letter.
Everything just happened in the blink of an eye.
At this time, the powerful force of purgatory crouching magic array is still raging on Stuart Hao’s body. Just after he shouted, he felt that the body element spirit bead was actually a force surge, and Stuart Hao Bai Yuan spirit bead had reached a state of fullness for the power of law.
With a horror in my heart, Situhao has sacrificed the thunder blade to his gods.
In the hands of the sky, the thunder blade is hidden, and the ghosts that are distributed around Situhao’s body are running around without scruples and rushing to Situhao’s body crazily.
Situhao hasn’t come to conjure up a few terrible pains. It turns out that several ghosts have seized his body, and he can’t perform conjuration any more.
Situhao didn’t expect those ghosts to attack so quickly that he immediately stopped the illusion and cast the mastermind technique, which was born instantly.
With the mastermind technique, ghosts are quickly taken into the body by Situhao.
One by one, ghosts just disappear, and other ghosts look at this strange scene and become more backward than horror.
Situ Hao’s body element magic pill has swallowed up the powerful law force, and the powerful force of the purgatory crouched magic array has squeezed his body, so I’m afraid that Situ Hao is going to faint with pain.
Instantly, Situhao took in more than a hundred ghosts and ran around his body crazily. At this time, the ghosts had retreated a few feet away from him. Situhao dared not stop half a minute’s delay to stop the soul-taking technique and cast the illusion rapidly. He immediately turned into a flea and fell into the cave dug by colorful flower ants.
It was at this instant that Situhao felt his mind was in a daze, and he immediately turned into a colorful flower ant.
Just now, Situhao stood in the original situation of digging holes in the form of colorful flower ants. He turned into a flea form and could directly fall into the cave. However, fleas can’t infect the bottom gas of the cliff abyss at all, but they almost killed themselves.
Situhao turned into a colorful flower, and the queen’s spirit immediately recovered. He didn’t delay in the hole and quickly ran to the hole.
Now he wants to see if his mother will come to read the letter.
When Situ Hao came to a place not far from the mouth of the cave, he had to stop walking because he saw several ghosts staring at the mouth of the cave. He was afraid that those ghosts could also enter the hole and immediately shrank back a lot.
Ho ho ho.
Kill kill kill.
Ho ho ho.
Kill kill kill.
Roar and kill are still constantly coming this time. Stuart’s ears turned out to be feeling heavy breathing.
Is it true that the ghost of bloodthirsty god is about to break through the seal? Stuart Hao thought of this knot again in his heart.
Thought of here, Situhao was more curious about the depression in the heart of the dark forest.
This place is only a few miles away from that depression. Why don’t I take this opportunity to go and find out after these ghost parts dissipate?
Situhao thought of this, and his heart couldn’t help but throb. He was full of expectations for his own ideas.
Situhao waited for another ten minutes in the deep hole. He couldn’t hold back his thoughts. When he climbed forward and looked at the hole, he saw that it was dark around the hole.
His heart flashed a surprised immediately climbed to the colorful flower ant form.
When he came to the mouth of the cave, Situhao immediately froze.
He saw the ghost who was exactly like his mother, holding the short note he left in his hand and watching the crystal tears roll down her eyes.
However, those tears ran from the eyelids and the jade cheeks melted into a breath on the way to the shape.
Situhao saw his mother and he couldn’t help but feel excited. The colorful flower ant form climbed directly to his mother’s side.
The colorful flower ant’s body is very bright. In this gray-black world, his body looks quite eye-catching
Situhao climbed to his mother’s side, and the beautiful ghost immediately gently picked up the colorful flower ants. Is Haoer really you? The beautiful ghost asked tearfully.
Situhao rushed and nodded to show that he was Situhao.
Obviously, the ghost in front of me is Situhao’s mother moon.
Seeing the colorful flower ants in their hands nodding at themselves, the moon sobbed more bitterly.
Looking at his mother sobbing, Situhao’s heart is almost broken.
Prevent losing contact and remember to prepare the domain name.
He really wants to talk to his mother well, but he doesn’t allow his mother at this time.
The tears in the moon’s eyes are broken, and the beads keep falling from the snow-white cheeks and crying for a long time. This makes my left hand wipe the tears in my eyes. My son has grown up and stopped. I should be happy.
Say that finish this month right hand hold SiTuHao unreal colorful flower ants gently kissed him.
At this time of the month, her eyes were full of affection. Although she wiped away the tears in her eyes, the tears in her eyes still kept rolling down like the river burst its banks.


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