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Bursts of explosions suddenly that big finger white bone claw confrontation for a long time crack is getting bigger and bigger, and finally it is an explosion and an energy diffusion, but at this time, Ziling is deliberately not letting this fluctuation pass out a force to instantly package those explosive fluctuations.
For purple spirit, others are unaware of this move, but Han Chen is smiling. With purple spirit, he can let go of World War I. If the fluctuation is too earth, purple spirit will also help him to cover it up.
"Ha ha, we haven’t won the battle just now, but the battle is only formal now." Han Chen’s concern at this time is also much smaller with a light smile. When he is once again light, he drinks his breath and emits bursts of energy like waves, and the air flow quickly spreads out, which is swept away against the broken enemy.
"Small, then I’ll try how long you can support this strength gained by the secret method." Cold smile, but the broken revenge is a sudden flash of a punch, which explodes Han Chen’s oppression, while his body is rapidly blasting away at that Han Chen.
Boom boom …
The two men’s bodies suddenly collided with each other, and their fists staggered and their vitality exploded. The destructive force slowly rolled, and the two people’s center filled them with fear. However, Zi Ling secretly blocked most of the breath fluctuations, so no one was injured in those saints
"cloud burial palm"
"Golden Platform Seal"
A palm and a seal suddenly collide, and both of them are also this horrible collision. Their faces are even paler.
"Ha ha, brother Tian Qiu’s strength is really good." He shrugged his shoulders. Han Chen was also shocked by the whole body and his breath rose again.
"You …" Hearing Han Chen’s words that are worth considering, it was a face change that he didn’t expect this little guy to be able to fight with himself for so long without a retreat, which made him really depressed.
Of course, at this time, Han Chen is also interested in suppressing his own breath. Otherwise, if all his strength is released, I am afraid that many people in these saints will be scared on the spot. After all, a person whose strength is at the peak of becoming a god has the ability to defeat the double peak of becoming a god. I am afraid that no one will believe this out. After all, the gap between the realm of becoming a god is very different.
"Ha ha, let’s continue to learn from each other. I don’t like it. You still have to bother me later. Today, if you win me, I will promise to apologize to you, no matter what the conditions, but if you lose, you will kneel down and apologize to me." Han Chen also knows that he will never lose, so this surface seems to be a disadvantage for himself. He can also say it casually.
"Don’t you dare to make this bet with me. If I don’t accept it, then others are really afraid of you." Hearing Han Chen’s words, it’s also a cold sneer that it’s a drink and a breath, and it’s also a convergence and release.
Woo hoo …
With vigour, a small whirlwind was formed in front of him, and then the sudden expansion and fluctuation of the small whirlwind also contained a little pulling force. Han Chen knew that even the general master of gathering spirits would be greatly traumatized if he was swept by the small whirlwind.
"It was a good move." With a faint smile, Han Chen’s palms suddenly leaned out and gathered his left hand and right hand respectively, and then saw him drink a lot. The sun and the moon were gathered together, and then a black area with a diameter of three feet in his center appeared. The sun and the moon rose and the tide suddenly formed
"Look down on me, this vitality storm is severe." Drink up. The face of the broken enemy is also a bit malicious. The mind has moved. The vitality storm has already reached three feet, and it is directed at Han Chen’s maser.
Whew …
The vitality storm terror is more powerful than the vitality energy-rich temple.
"I’ll see if you die this time." There was a hint of malicious color in his eyes, but it was a cold hum. But at this time, his eyes looked at Han Chen not far away, but he saw Han Chen’s sneer face. "Is this silly?"
"A thousand shadows disappear", and when I saw Han Chen’s body flashing when I was puzzled, my body disappeared in its original place. At this time, the raging storm was suddenly seen in the place where Han Chen had just stood.
But at this time, the vitality storm suddenly stopped running and collapsed. Even the vitality was dragged in by the black circle less than half a foot on the ground.
"What is this?" Seeing that sudden phenomenon, the face of the enemy is also suddenly changed. He didn’t expect that this recruit was pulled in by that strange black circle.
"Ha ha, Brother Duantianqiu now thinks that it doesn’t seem so good." Just then Han Chen suddenly sounded from behind Duantianqiu and immediately punched him to the waist.
However, at this critical juncture, it was suddenly turned around and suddenly leaned out with a palm and caught Han Chen’s sudden attack.
"Ha ha, the reaction speed is not slow then, but you still lose." The corners of the mouth slightly lift Han Chen, but it is a kick to the broken belly.
"Poof bursts" one mouthful blood spit out the broken day hatred pale eyes filled with incredible body suddenly flash down and hit the ground Chapter four hundred and fifty Expand meridians.
"Ha ha, Brother Duantian Qiu, you lost." He shrugged his shoulders. Before the sudden flash of Han Chen’s body, the black circle’s mind moved, and the black circle disappeared into two beams of light.
And after all this, Han Chen is to converge his vitality and quietly walk to the ground and break the enemy.
"You …" See Han Chen with a smile on her face, but she can’t say a word when her face is blue and red.
"Well, Brother Duantianqiu, I just said that you lost. Kneeling like me means playing. You’d better hurry away to heal." Han Chen shrugged his shoulders and ignored the face change and Duantianqiu slowly walked into Ziling.
"Brother Han Chen, are you all right?" Beside the purple spirit is also a captivating smile asked
"It’s okay, but this guy seems to have suffered a big blow to his self-confidence. I don’t know if he will be so arrogant again." Han Chen said that only the two of them could hear the sound.
"Fortunately, Han Chen’s brother didn’t expose himself too much strength. Just now, the elders were watching you not far away." Purple spirit smiled gently.
"I know this, but I also want to let the elders see me rise." I shrugged my shoulders and said Han Chen lightly.
However, when Han Chen talked with Ziling Xiao, the revenge was slowly getting up and staring at Han Chen. But at this time, there was a bit of fear in his eyes. "Han Chen lost in your hands today, but I am not good at learning, but since I lost, I will kneel for you, but I will take your life when I fight with you someday." Speaking, the revenge was suddenly gloomy, and then I got up and knelt down, and then my body flashed and disappeared from this temple.
"…" For this sudden move of revenge, Han Chen is also some language. His eyes look around at the chattering saints, and his face becomes a little cold.
"Everyone, if you go out today, if I find out who it is tomorrow, I will give him a good look." Han Chen’s faint sound is also pulling the purple spirit to disappear
For Han Chen’s words that are neither salty nor light, those who are proud on weekdays are more silent than the saints at this time, and they seem to be shocked by the former.
"Brother Han Chen, why are you back in your mansion now?" At this time, the two men appeared in the mansion where Han Chen was originally divided by the elite brother.
"Ha ha or quiet here." Stretched Han Chen laughed.


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